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Rock Climbing Instruction

All alpine climbing instruction courses start 10.00am the first day, and finish at 5.00pm the last day, at Mt Cook village, unless otherwise confirmed.

Your climbing instruction course payment includes Guide(s) fees, National Park fees, food, fuel, hut fees, and G.S.T tax, for the course duration.

Skiplane access is included. We prefer to maximize high climbing time by flying in at the first opportunity, depending on aircraft availability.

We also strongly recommend flying out if the weather and conditions allow aircraft landings. Flying out is an extra and variable cost, depending on the aircraft type, location, loading, and flight conditions. We are often able to negotiate a price for you that's less than the standard charter rate on the day.

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  Cost per person (in NZ$) -
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  1 day 2 days 3 days
4 persons $125 $250 $375
3 persons $145 $290 $435
2 persons $170 $340 $510
1 person $295 $580 $885